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What are the benefits of a fully re-foamed seat?
Our fully re-foamed seats are designed with your weight, height, size and requirements in mind. Instead of the one size fits all seats that comes on your bike, the highest grade foam is used for your seat and our suppliers guarantee 10 years of superior foam quality. Whatever adjustment you need is catered for resulting in a new unique and stylistic seat. The tailored support in our seats will help relieve discomfort on long rides.
Why is our layered foam method superior?
Our custom foam incorporates varying densities of foam depending on your individual needs. This allows us to provide comfort that most factory bikes cannot. The foams consist of sculpted base and a cushioning cover.
foams b&a.jpg

Left: old foam. Right: hand sculpted custom foam

Is there a break-in period for the foam?
Initially, our re-foamed seats may not give you the comfort you desire immediately. The foam needs to broken in like you would a nice pair of shoes or a new pair of gloves. Depending on your weight, it may take 500 to 1000 kilometres for the foam to settle in to your shape. If after this period, you believe the seat requires some tweaking, let us know.
Why don't we recommend sheepskin covers?
If you're after comfort, sheepskin covers only blanket the underlying problem in the structure of the seat. The woolen sheepskin is hard to maintain and is not waterproof so we cannot guarantee the quality of the cover and foam. We would not recommend putting a sheep skin cover after we have re-foamed your seat. Sheepskin is gripper than vinyl or leather restricting movement in your seat, not ideal for comfort. If you plan to cover a old vinyl cover, we can offer a vinyl re-cover which will be cheaper than getting a sheepskin cover. In addition, sheepskin is abrasive to the vinyl cover which will only worsen the condition of the original cover over time.
What sort of payment is accepted?
If you are collecting the seats in person, you may pay with cash. We also accept direct bank transfer and PayPal. If the finished seat requires return postage, payment prior is essential. We currently do not accept credit card payment or EFTPOS.
How long are quotes valid for?
Our quotes are valid for 3 months from the date of the quote. If we have quoted you longer than 3 months ago, please check with us again to get an up to date price.
How do I get my seat to you?
First off, get in contact with us so we can update you on our currently availability and arrange a time for you. You may come by in person to hand in your seat or send it to us via post. For Australia Post, we recommend you cover your seat in shock absorbing material such as bubble wrap, cover with a tough plastic, parcel bags or tough garage bag for example, then tape it up all securely. You will need to cover the postage costs. The cost may be calculated using the approximate weight of your seat on the Australian Post website.
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